The number of cryptocurrencies continues to grow

On July 1, ICO (analogue of IPO) of Tezos blockchain network started. Its authors are those from the investment sphere of the wife Arthur Breitman (who worked for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS)) and Kathleen Breitman (of Bridgewater). ICO enjoys popularity. Cryptotraiders actively invest Bitcoins and ethers in this project. At current courses, ICO has raised about $250 million – the most successful and expensive accommodation in history. Before that, the record belonged to the blockchain startup EOS, which collected $170 million in the first stage. Tezos virtual placement will end next week. In our opinion, the project can gain $500 million.

The specificity of Tezos is that it is based on a system different from all other crypto. This blockchain network can update the network protocol of circuits without a hard fork (change of program code). That is, the code is updated automatically. Kathleen Breitman calls the main aspects of the platform transparency, security and management through consensus. Tezos supports smart contracts. In this regard, Tezos will be a strong competitor to Ethereum. It is quite possible that in the coming months investors will prefer Tezos to the air, which in June experienced a failure of the system due to a large number of transactions during ICO Status. We remind that Ethereum during its ICO in 2014 collected $18 million.

The market for crypto continues to grow. Their number of species is already approaching 1,000. The bitcoin remains the main thing. Its capitalization is $42 billion. This is more than 40% of the total capitalization of the market of crypto, last year this indicator was 90%.

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