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This review I would like to tell you about free altcoins and Bitcoin mining without investments. Moonfaucets (Moon Cash, Moon Litecoin, Moon Dogecoin, Moon Dashcoin) are the family of one of the first crypto cranes developed by one company, which allow to earn crypto absolutely free and without investments. The first service of the company began its operation as early as 2015. The Moon family of faucets includes 5 sites.

Crypto faucets are very similar to each other, the main difference between them is only in crypto, which will fall on your wallet. Each service is responsible for the production of a particular coin:

  • Moon Bitcoin for BTC earnings;
  • Moon Bitcoin Cash for BCH earnings;
  • Moon Litecoin for LTC earnings;
  • Moon Dogecoin for DOGE earnings;
  • Moon Dashcoin is for Dash earnings.

Unlike other cranes, Moon cranes allow you to choose on your own how often to earn satoshi. 

The minimum interval between queries on Moon sites is 5 minutes, and the maximum determines each for itself. The longer you survive the interval between requests, the larger the amount gets to you on the balance sheet.

Coin mining on Moon services consists of passing the capchi and performing other elementary tasks. All the money earned on the cranes is collected in a CoinPot, from which you can then easily withdraw earnings to any third-party wallet without commission.

The Moon Faucet family earned a good reputation among fans of free coins during their work.

Moon bitcoin cash


What is Moon Bitcoin cash?

Moon Bitcoin cash is the first faucet from the Moon family to be released by the company. The service has served as faith and truth for nearly 5 years.

The main income is accrued simply for clicks.

The average earnings on the service are about 10 satoshi. The interval between requests on the site is 5 minutes.

At the same time, if you do not use your attempt, the income rate increases. Thus, you can collect small amounts every 5 minutes or visit the site once or twice a day and make a more substantial profit at once.

Moon Bitcoin Official Website

How do I get Bitcoins Moon Bitcoin cash

Get bitcoins on MoonBitcoin:

Step 1. To be reistered on
Step 2. To be registered on Moon bitcoin.
Step 3. Click the “Claim now” button.
Step 4. To get euphoria from ease of action!
To learn more about earning with Moon Bitcoin, read more.

To learn more about earning with Moon Bitcoin, read more.
Since the calculation of coins from the crane goes to the wallet of the CoinPot, and start by creating an account on this service. To establish a connection between CoinPot and Moon bitcoin, it is enough to use the same email address when registering with the services.

So, we go to the CoinPot and press the registration button.

Registration for CoinPot

To create an account, complete the registration form and click Register.

Registration for CoinPot

After entering all the information, the system will ask you to log in to the link sent to email.
We go to the official website of Moon Bitcoin.
We do not forget the need to link the MoonBitcoin crane account to the wallet, so for registration we specify the same email as for the CoinPot.

Registration for Moonbitcoin

Just type email and click “Sign in.” Everybody, you ‘re in now.

Important! Before using the Moon bitcoin tap, turn off the ad blocker, otherwise the site won ‘t let you earn coins.

So, the main page of the moon crane Bitcoin looks simple enough, but has a lot of advertising banners. There are no claims here, we know that it is at the expense of advertising traffic that such services survive.
At the top is a dashboard with links to a refit, your balance sheet, additional earning opportunities and a exit button. Your target is the “Claim now” button.

Earnings on Moonbitcoin

As you can see, there are 2 satoshi at stake and 5 minutes between clicks. You can also put in an audible notification to avoid missing the next opportunity to earn money.
Click “Claim now” and pass the drop that opens in a new window.

Earnings on Moon bitcoin

After completion of all actions, on the main page you can see balance of 2 satoshi and timer of reference to the next click.

Earnings on Moonbitcoin

The service also charges additional activity bonuses:
• Loyalty bonus – in case of continuous use of Bitcoin crane, the service charges 1% of the bonus to the basic earnings for each day of your activity on the site;
• Referral bonus – the service pays 50% of the income of referrals, and additionally charges from 1% to 100% for each active referral (worked with the site at least 72 hours ago). You can find your reference in the “Refer” section;
• Offer bonus – bonus for additional tasks offered on the site in the “Offers” section;
• Mystery bonus is an additional bonus that is awarded randomly.

Additional earnings on Moonbitcoin

How to withdraw money from Moon bitcoin cash
To display your earned satoshi, go to the balance menu on the top panel and click the link to the CoinPot wallet.

Output Coins with Moonbitcoin

The main page will display balances for all crypto currencies. We find a block with a Bitcoin balance and select the coin output button from the pull-down menu as shown in the screen below.

Output Bitcoin from the wallet CoinPot

The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.0001 BTC (10,000 satoshi). The withdrawal takes place without commission.

In order to withdraw the earned coins, it is necessary to fill in a form where it is necessary to specify the address of the Bitcoin wallet, the amount, we enter the password, pass the drop and press “Withdraw.”

Output Bitcoin from the wallet CoinPot

Each output request is confirmed by the user via email.

How long does it takes to transfer bitcoin.

It takes up to 48 hours to transfer funds.
See a detailed video on how to work with Moon Bitcoin Faucet:
How to work with Moonbitcoin

Moon bitcoin responses

Moonbitcoin crane reviews

Moon Bitcoin service has been on the market for quite a long time and in general has a good reputation among fans to earn free coins. A couple of years ago MoonBitcoin gave a decent passive income and steadily paid users.

Moon Cash

Moon Cash crane

Moon Cash service ranks second in popularity among the moon crane family. We ‘ll find out more about him.

What is Moon Cash

Moon Cash is the youngest service in the moon facet family. It was launched in early 2018. The site allows you to earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coins for free.
Immediately after the launch, the crane began to actively gain momentum and overtook other Moon cranes in popularity. The service operates on the same principle as Moon bitcoin.

Moon Cash official website

How to receive Moon Cash

To start receiving Moon Cash, you must complete 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Register for CoinPot (unless you have previously done so).

Step 2. Sign up for Moon Cash;

Step 3. Click the “Claim now” button.

If you want to learn more about earning with Moon Cash, read more.

Recall that all revenues from Moon-cranes go to the microcell of the CoinPot, so first of all we need to link the account of the crane and wallet.

If you haven ‘t used Moon faucet before, you need to create a CoinPot account first. See the previous section for a description of the registration process.
If your CoinPot account already exists, you ‘ll need to sign up for Moon Cash using the same email address as you did when you signed up for CoinPot.
So, we go to the official Moon Cash faucet website. On the start page press “Sign in.”

Registering for Moon Cash

In the window that appears, enter the email that is used in the CoinPot and click “Sign in.” Congratulations, you joined the Bitcoin Cash Moon community!

Registering for Moon Cash

Important! Before using the tap, turn off the ad blocker, otherwise the site won ‘t let you earn coins.
The main crane page is built in a similar way to Moonbitcoin.
At the top of the screen you can see the dashboard, and at the bottom there is a cherished “Claim now” button, with which you can collect free BCHs.

Coin earnings on Moon Cash

As seen in the screen above, the service offers to earn 0.00000031 BCH. Just as on Moonbitcoin, the interval between clicks is 5 minutes and a button for audible notification is present.
Click “Claim now” and pass the drop that opens in a new window.
On the next screen we will see the amount of collected coins with a detailed decryption of additional bonuses.

Coin earnings on Moon Cash

In our case, 50% of the secret bonus was added to the original amount, thus the income was 0.00000051 BTC.
Unlike MoonBitcoin, this service does not have a countdown timer. Once the coins are received, the site flips you to the home page where you can see the added coins on the balance sheet, and the “Claim now” button will be inactive until the claimed time expires.

Coin earnings on Moon Cash

How to withdraw money from Moon Cash
If you followed our recommendations and linked the Moon Cash account and the CoinPot, the amount of coins earned on the crane will automatically fall on the balance of the wallet and the coins will be easier to withdraw.
To display earned BCHs, click on the balance bar of the Moon Cash home page and wait for your account to be forwarded to CoinPot.
Find the Bitcoin Cash block and select “Within” from the drop-down list.

Withdrawal of coins from Moon Cash

The minimum amount for output is 0.001 BCH. The withdrawal takes place without commission and exclusively on the wallet for storage of Bitcoin Cash.

To display the earned coins, fill out the screen form and click “Withdraw.”

Withdrawal of coins from Moon Cash

Each output request is confirmed by the user via email. It takes up to 48 hours to transfer funds.

How much you can earn with Moon Cash

Moon Bitcoin Cash service is extremely popular among cryptoentertists. But as for earnings, nothing outstanding portal can boast. Like all cranes in the current situation, this crane of crypto pays little.
The site displays official information, which indicates the current earning opportunities on the portal.

Current bets on Moon Cash

As you can see, the charges are very small right now. In a month even to the minimum for withdrawal we will not reach. But, as the crane owners specify, rates are regularly adjusted depending on the rate of Bitcoin and the income of the company, so it can be expected that it will be possible to earn more on the crane in some time.
At the same time, it should not be forgotten that it is possible to significantly increase your income at the expense of the referral program. Experienced players constantly promote their reference in thematic forums and social networks and by doing so have a stable passive income.

Moon Litecoin

Moon Litecoin crane

Next of the moon crane family, consider Moon Litecoin.

What is Moon Litecoin

Moon Litecoin is one of the largest cranes that generates Litecoin free of charge. The unit of measure on the site is lithoshi.

Moon Litecoin Current Rates


Moon Litecoin Official Website

How to receive Litecoin
As with other Moon-family services, 3 simple steps are required to earn on Moon Litecoin:

Step 1. Register for CoinPot (unless you have previously done so).

Step 2. Register for Moon Litecoin.

Step 3. Click the “Claim now” button.

If you want to deal more fully with the features of earning coins on Moon Litecoin, read our detailed review further.
Remember that the account on CoinPot and Moon Litecoin should be linked.

Therefore, we register on both services using the same email.
The creation of an CoinPot account is described in the previous sections of the overview, so consider registering with Moon Litecoin.
We go to the official Moon Litecoin website and register by email.

Registering for Moon Litecoin

To earn the first lithoshi, press the “Claim now” button and pass the capcha.

Coin earnings on Moon Litecoin

The money earned falls on the balance sheet taking into account bonuses.

Coin earnings on Moon Litecoin

The next plum to collect free coins will be available in 5 minutes.
How to Bring Lithoshi Out with Moon Litecoin
The coins are output via the balance menu. Click “Go To CoinPot” to go to your microcell profile.

Withdrawal of coins from Moon Litecoin

We find the Litecoin block, we go to the filling of the form for output. Here we specify all necessary information and press “Withdraw.”

Withdrawal of coins from Moon Litecoin

Minimum amount for output 0.002 LTC (200,000 litoshi). The commission is absent.

As for me litecoin mining farm is more preferrable. Or maybe you prefer bitcoin gold mining ? I remember how at one time at my house antminer L3++ was mining at silent box. Here is link to the new models of mining tool if you wish:

Moon Dogecoin

Earnings on Moon Dogecoin

In turn, another member of the moon family is Moon Dogecoin. Let’s consider it more in details.

What is Moon Dogecoin

Moon Dogecoin is a crane for the free collection of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE).
Just like other Moon cranes, this service has a good reputation and is very popular through stable payments.
Site conditions are no different from other family cranes. The service pays to pass the capchi. The maximum frequency of coin collection is every 5 minutes. Minimum – is not limited.

Moon Dogecoin Current Bets

Moon Dogecoin Official Website

How to receive Dogecoin

To start getting free Dogs on Moon Dogecoin, you need to do 3 simple things:

Step 1. Register for CoinPot (unless you have previously done so).

Step 2. Sign up for Moon Dogecoin.

Step 3. Click the “Claim now” button.

To learn more about earnings on Moon Dogecoin, read more a more detailed review.
Remember that the account on CoinPot and Moon Dogecoin should be linked. Therefore, we register on both services using the same email.

Registering for Moon Dogecoin

The “Claim now” button is responsible for collecting coins.

Coin earnings on Moon Dogecoin

Like other cranes, the service charges additional bonuses for activity.

Moon Dogecoin Bonus System

How to withdraw coins from Moon Dogecoin

Through the balance menu, click the link to the CoinPot wallet. Find a block with Dogecoin and go to the output screen.

Output from Moon Dogecoin

Fill out the form for output and press “Withdraw.” Minimum output amount is 100 DOGE. There is no commission.

Moon Dashcoin

Moon Dashcoin

And the last of the series MoonFaucets a service for collecting crypto Dash. Moon Dashcoin has already become a favorite in the crypto community. Like other Moon cranes, the service features simplicity, stability and additional bonus programs.
Moon Dashcoin pays for passing the cappie and watching ads. Small rates. The interval of requests to collect coins – from 5 minutes.

Current bets on Moon Dashcoin

Moon Dashcoin Official Website

 It is necessary to start work with Moon Dashcoin crane in the same order as with other cranes of the family:

Step 1. We register on CoinPot (if we have not already done so).

Step 2. Sign up for Moon Dashcoin using CoinPot -email.

Step 3. Click the “Claim now” button to collect coins.

Sign up for Moon Dashcoin

Withdrawal of earned coins takes place through the wallet CoinPot without commission. Minimum output amount is 0.0002 Dash.
In this review we went through the peculiarities of earning free coins with the help of MoonFaucets cranes. As you can see, despite the simplicity of the actions, it takes no little time, and income brings minimal. The current realities are such that in order to make a good profit it is necessary to wait for the resumption of the market of crypto.

Bitcoin Crane Free

Recently I found at in section Apps & Games a good one Currency converter ‘Bitcoin crane free‘. In the Bitcoin Crane application, 5 different cranes were used for simulating the earnings of the cryptocurrency. It shows to you how to earn up to 3000 satoshi per hour!

At the end a few words about best Bitcoin wallets.

In any ways, Bitcoin is a dish worldwide methods for exchange. Transfers are made by PC quickly with low exchange fees. Bitcoin doesn’t course through the conventional financial framework; rather it streams starting with one PC wallet then onto the next.

Bitcoin can’t be held or kept in a pocket or wallet like money; it is simply a PC based methods for exchange.

 If you understand the risks, any of these best Bitcoin wallets should have you covered.


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