Google Trends: number of requests “buy bitcoin” jumped up to record values

Against the background of a collapse of the stock markets investors became interested in the purchase of bitcoin although the cryptocurrency market also endured serious falling. Demonstrate to it given to Google Trends.

So, on March 13 the number of search queries “buy bitcoin” sharply jumped up to the highest level for all last month.

Besides, the user of Twitter filbfilb noted that at some point search a request “buy bitcoin” exceeded in popularity “buy gold”. Later gold nevertheless returned itself leadership.

Let’s remind, on March 13 the bitcoin price at some point fell to $3800, having lost more than 50% of cost only per day.

In parallel there is a crisis in the traditional financial markets. Experts announced the end of the longest for all history of the bull market, and the founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson considers that the world economic order of the 20th century is dead.

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