Our new firmware revolutionizes the world of mining and allows you to fully unlock the potential of your miners!
15-65% improvement in energy efficiency:
S17 to 29w/1TH;
T17 to 39w/TH;
Automated settings for consumption or performance profiles;
Selection individually tension on each payment and frequencies of each chip automatically – and much, many other!

Why should I choose THAT FIRMWARE?

#1 Mining Optimization

Power efficiency S17 up to 25W\1ST, automatic chip tuning: by board, by chip and by profile!

#2 Virus Protection:

A New Web Service with Threat Protection – Continuously Monitor and Update Signatures Online

The developed service provides strong protection against existing threats, and the update database always keeps the protection up-to-date

#3 Dispersal and downvolt of ASIC

With management on everyone the Hash to a payment the frequency, voltage and templates profiles for dispersal (S17 to 79 TH on air and to 86TH in immersion bathtubs, T17 to 60TH, (Dispersal demands observance of indispensable conditions on cooling)

Setting the “immersive” option will automatically add appropriate items for immersion baths to the profile selection menu

S17 (air mode)

S17 (immersive mode)

T17 (air mode)

S17 (immersive enabled)

#4 Updated management interface with built-in wattmeter and counter!

And also:
LED alarm in case of technical problems

Discontinuous LED display mode for fast miner search on farm

Mining stop
Restart of the device

#5 New Partner Program

We invite large farms, centers, mining hotels and large miners to cooperate

Add your Fee to the firmware, get extra revenue – with our firmware it ‘s lighter than easy!

The new configuration interface is simple and convenient:

A separate page with the options you need

Easy selection of commission size

Fast preservation

#6 Dev Fee is an award to the developer of less than 3% of the total hash, in parallel, without interrupting the main mining

#7 Add your% fee – Redirect ASIC speed%, for hotels, manager, charge part of the fee as % off mining

How to make overclock of Antminer ASIC – S17 & S17pro & T17


The SSH unlocking procedure must be performed before the non-original firmware installation can begin. This is possible for all versions of ASIC AntMiner S17. For this purpose it is necessary to download a special file on the official website and follow the steps from the instructions. After that, the owner of the computing equipment will be able to expect to increase the hash up to 40%. Most often, users of our firmware activate the mode, where ASIC performance grows to 70 TH/s and power consumption – to 3100 watts. But for each unit of hash there are only 44 watts, for the original software – 47 watts.

How to make overclock of Antminer ASIC – S9

The AntMiner s9 / s9i / s9j firmware is suitable for all models. The first custom firmware with AsicBoost S9 saves up to 250 watts in pools supporting AsicBoost technology (slushpool, antpool, emcd.io, btc.com, f2pool and others) .
Acceleration of ASIC to 19 TH in air, up to 17.5TH on a standard APW3 ++ 1600w power supply.
Acceleration up to 19-25TH in immersion cooling.
Pro_v5.1_v28 – more stable than v29.

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