A team of students from Cambridge University has released a tool tracking countries with the highest Bitcoin mining activity.

The new tool is developed by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF). This map is showing the countries with the largest share of the monthly hash network system of Bitcoin. For China ‘s rich mining farms, the data are broken down by province.

According to the map, the BTC accounts for 65% of the total hash of Bitcoin system. In the United States and Russia, this figure is 7%.

It took a year to create the instrument. The data is loaded from three mining pools – BTC.com, Poolin and ViaBTC. The head of the division of crypto and blockchain in CCAF Apollina Blandin noted that now the map covers about 37% of the total world hash. Problems with data collection are observed in North America and Europe.

Data collection complicates the fact that many miners use VPN to hide IP addresses. The problem is particularly acute in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. In order to smooth the inaccuracy, the developers divided the hash of this region among other provinces.

In the nearest future, the college`s team plans to collect data from other pools and individual miners. This will improve the accuracy of the tool and expand its capabilities.

The next post isWhere the world mining centers are located.

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